understand your customer and employee sentiment to manage your environment

Now you can improve your company’s productivity, and ultimately, its profitability by making sure all your employees perform up to, or even exceed their full potential!

In today’s economic times, companies can no longer manage using financial measures alone

Businesses have to track non-financial measures such as speed of response and product quality; externally focused measures, such as customer experience and brand preference; and forward looking measures, such as employee satisfaction, core values, retention and succession planning

Measuring Customer Experience (CX) gives companies insight into their perceived performance allowing issues to be addressed before they create a negative impact on the company

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are a company’s measurable goals, typically tied to an organization’s strategy, but often not measured properly, if at all

Core Value conformance ensures that the foundation of a company’s objectives are adhered to resulting in success and growth

Most goals are achieved not through the efforts of a single person, but by multiple people in a variety of departments and that means you always have a situation of “shared accountability” that is vital to a company’s success

Imparting meaningful knowledge to your employees ensures an educated and legislation-compliant employee base, thereby presenting your customers with a professional and knowledgeable team, portraying your company in the best possible way

Virtl.X Business Intelligence is a unique and innovative means to utilise the above metrics as the foundation to improved performance and growth with successful strategic decisions regarding staffing and resources

implementing Virtl.X Business Intelligence will result in a balanced approach to management of resources that will:

  • translate corporate vision into measurable operational goals that are communicated properly to employees
  • ensure customers’ sentiment is addressed and any issues raised are dealt with rapidly
  • link goals to individual performance goals which may be assessed on an established periodic basis
  • establish internal processes to meet and / or exceed the strategic goals and customer expectations
  • ensure performance metrics are analyzed to evaluate and make recommendations to improve future company performance resulting in real measurable growth